Terms and conditions


    1. These terms and conditions regulate the sale, including registration, order and access to "Rialbanni" products offered by Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd., VAT n. 501 951 024, registered in Vila Nova de Gaia with the number 44 797 of 15/03/88, headquartered at Rua Dr. Inocencio Osorio L 'Gondim, 53/59, Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, on the website www.Rialbannistore.com and are applied at all purchases and sale of "Rialbanni" products concluded between Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd. and any user who makes orders via this Internet website.

    2.  For the purposes of these general conditions the following definitions apply:
    a) "Rialbanni" - The products marketed by Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd, owner of all copyright or related rights, and other rights that may be subject to protection provided for in the Code of Industrial Property on the Internet page/site at the address above and supplier of goods available to order on the same site;
    b) "User" - any individual, not trader, who maked an order through the page / Web site www.Rialbannistore.com;

    c) These terms and conditions do not exclude the rights and guarantees contained in the User's legislation for contracts of this nature.



    1. To make an order, you must make your registration by filling out all required fields contained in the site www.rialbannistore.com

    2. After making the registration as a customer, you can access your personal account by logging at the time of the registration as a customer.

    3. From the moment you access your online account, the user is subject to these general conditions, as well as the laws and regulations governing the respective operation and use.


    1. The site www.rialbannistore.com  is addressed to all users who want to acquire Rialbanni brand products.

    2. The basic/essential information of Rialbanni products is available for consultation on all product pages.

    3. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd reserves the right to modify at any time, information, offer of Rialbanni products, prices, promotions and business conditions presented on the site www.Rialbannistore.com.


    To order in www.rialbannistore.com is mandatory that you register on our site point (III-1)
    Making an order in www.rialbannistore.com is very simple:a) Find the product (s) (s) you wish to purchase

    b) Select the product (s) (s) and add (s) to your shopping cart

    c) If you have not paid registration is prompted for a registration as a customer in order to be able to make the purchase.

    d) Indication of "Place of Delivery" and "Billing."

    e) Indication of payment method (Visa, Master Card, Paypal, ATM Reference (Only available in Portugal))

    f) Introduction of tax number (VAT) of the User

    2. Order Review. A review of all order details is available, allowing the identification and correction of any errors and will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of purchase, as well as the general conditions.


    3. Confirmation and payment of the order. The status of the request / order will be made through an email message sent to the user.


    4. Finally, the User’s request/order will be delivered by the logistics operator in the "Delivery Location" specified in the purchase process and the respective detailed invoice.


    5. The completion of the online order for products included in the "Shopping Cart" reflects the acceptance of purchase thereof, the price and the terms described on the site www.Rialbannistore.com, by the User and that the User may only hold ordered through the website www.Rialbannistore.com with the prices, terms and conditions set forth in it.


    6. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd reserves the right not to accept the request of the user, or cancel it even after the automatic confirmation. The user shall be informed accordingly.


    7. The satisfaction of all orders placed on the site www.rialbannistore.com, is subject to availability of Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd, which will try to ensure that all products sold on the site are in stock. However, Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd reserves the right not to accept any orders or cancel orders already confirmed for products for which there is no stock, and in these cases the Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd informs the user of this fact and will proceed the repayment of the amount received.


    8. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd will not accept requests for orders for which one of the following situations occurs:

    a) The "Place of Delivery" is outside the selected countries ( see point VIII)

    b) The purpose of the purchase is the resale of products

    c) The product is not available in the warehouses of Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd

    d) The payment is not carried out using any of the payment options available on the site www.Rialbannistore.com

    e) Does not confirms the payment


    1. All prices stipulated in www.Rialbannistore.com includes VAT at 23%. The total VAT payable by the user will be indicated on the invoice to be sent to the user.


    2. The cost of Rialbanni products and their characteristics, are subject to change without prior notice from Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd. However, such changes will be posted on the website in order to www.Rialbannistore.com keep users informed, by which is meant that the user has taken knowledge prior to the order.


    3. Checking if any error in the price of ordered products either Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd or the user may, at any time up to the dispatch of goods, cancel the order.


    4. We are not obliged to sell any product with a lower incorrect price (even when we have already sent the Delivery Confirmation). If any error in price is evident is unambiguous may have been reasonably recognized by the user as incorrect price.


    5. The prices are always subject to final validation and according to invoice issued for the purchase.

    6. Please note that in countries outside the EU additional fees may be paid to the local tax authorities at the time of receipt of your order.
    You will be responsible for paying any taxes and import duties.
    Rialbanni has no control over these charges and cannot predict its value.
    For more detailed information, please contact the your country customhouse.


    1. Payments made on site www.rialbannistore.pt are safe and secure. Payment information is encrypted and transmitted directly to PayPal or Hipay.


    2. The available payment methods are ATM reference, credit card (Visa, Master Card)


    3. The card information will not be in any case available to Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd. Our system will only notify us of the transaction success.


    4. However, the transmission of information over the Internet is not 100% safe. In Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd we promise to do our best to protect your personal data in www.rialbannistore.pt, never being able to ensure full security of the data you provide us, and its transmission is at your own risk.


    1. The standard delivery costs will be offered by Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd only:

    a) Portugal’s mainland - Free shipping for all orders over 30€. Orders under 30€ will be charged 5€ (Home Delivery) and 2.5€ (Pickup Points).

    b) Islands (Azores and Madeira) - Free shipping for orders over 100€. Orders under 100 €, will be charged 10€  freight.

    c) Luxembourg - Free shipping for orders over 100 €. Orders under 100€, will be charged 10€ freight.
    d) Switzerland - Free shipping for orders over 100 €. Orders under 100€, will be charged 10€ freight.
    e) France - Free shipping for orders over 100 €. Orders under 100€, will be charged 10€ freight.
    f) Germany - Free shipping for orders over 100 €. Orders under 100€, will be charged 10€ freight.


    1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd, shall dispatch the Rialbanni products from Monday to Friday. Shipments are not made on certain holidays.


    2. To receive the order is necessary to ensure that someone is at the address indicated. This service does not have scheduling option or marking, so the order will be delivered without contact by the carrier.


    3. The delivery time of orders after confirmed and payment is accepted is:

    Country Delivery
    Portugal 1-2 days
    Azores 2-5 days
    Madeira 2-5 days
    Luxembourg 3-4 days
    Switzerland 4-5 days


    Usually is always proceeded this way, however, we cannot guarantee timely delivery.


    4. In case of carrier unavailability to make the goods delivery on the date specified, the user will be contacted to be given another delivery date.


    5. The order is considered to be dispatched from the time it is delivered to the carrier, which is responsible for their delivery to the user. Any delay that may occur is the carrier's liability.


    6. Orders with payment confirmation until 14: 00h are usually shipped the same day. When processed after this time they are shipped the next business day.

    7. Please note that in countries outside the EU additional fees may be paid to the local tax authorities at the time of receipt of your order.
    You will be responsible for paying any taxes and import duties.
    Rialbanni has no control over these charges and cannot predict its value.
    For more detailed information, please contact the your country customhouse.


    A - Order Cancellation before shipment:

    1. The client can proceed to cancel the order, since it has not yet been sent.

    2. If the user places an order and wants to cancel, you should immediately contact our customer support service through customer@rialbannistore.com and request the cancellation of the same.

    Only after this procedure the cancellation of the order is possible. If the request for cancellation is successful, you will be notified by email of this decision and cancellation will be processed at no cost to the user.


    B - Return of defective products

    1. The customer has the right to return the items if considers that at the time of delivery, the products delivered present manufacturing defects or other non-compliances stated in the contract. In these cases, the return will be made in a maximum period of 15 days after receipt of the order.
    2. If the complaint is justified, the price paid for the product will be refunded and you will be contacted by the logistics company in order to schedule the day and time to make the return of the defective (s) product (s).


    C - Returning items

     1. The user can proceed to return the product(s) ordered within 15 days of receipt, provided that:

    a) The products have not been used;

    b) The products retain their original features and labels intact;


    2. The cost of the order returns are supported by Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd. The client must send an email to customer@Rialbannistore.com to request the order return. Returns are not accepted in physical stores.

    3. Once the returned product is received and after condition verification, Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd will refund the user within 15 days without no charge.

    4. If the returned goods are damaged or with use marks, Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd reserves the right not to accept the return and refuses to refund them.

    D - Product Exchange

     1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd does not proceed to the exchange of different products, but only the exchange of the same product in different colours and sizes.


    1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd will make every effort so that the colours of the products that appear on the site www.Rialbannistore.com are the most accurate and real as possible. However, variations in the display properties of the devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) you use, can justify minor changes in relation to the real colours of the products.


    1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd is committed to meet and resolve the claims submitted by the customer within 5 working days, via email: customer@rialbannistore.com.


    1. All Rialbanni products benefit from the compliance guarantee in the legislation applicable to the sale of consumer goods.


    1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd does not guarantee the permanent availability of the site's operation and services in www.rialbannistore.com and excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to lack or misuse.


    2. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd will assume no liability for damage suffered by third parties resulting from the use of any of our products.


    3. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo Ltd shall not be liable for damages suffered by the customer as a result of misuse of our products.


    4. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd is not responsible for any misappropriation of the User's access data to the site by third parties, non-transferable and personal information.


    1. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd reserves the right to change at any time the General Conditions.


    2. The user is subject to the policies and conditions in effect at the time it performs the order at www.rialbannistore.com , unless the law or authority imposes any amendment thereto.


    3. It is your responsibility to periodically read these conditions, as prevailing conditions at the time of formalizing the contract or use of this web site.


    1. You authorize the collection and computer processing of your personal data by Alexandre Ricardo Bernardo, Ltd, including all data disclosed during registration at www.Rialbannistore.com.


    2. The data provided by the user will be included in a file in order to ease the execution of orders, access control and sending promotional campaigns for products and / or services that may be of interest to you.


    3. The controller of personal data is Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd and such data is also accessed by service providers of Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd, in particular, accounting and auditing firms.


    4. The user can modify the data from the register at any time through your personal account.


    5. The user authorizes the collection of personal data and its computer processing in order to allow the sending of orders and execution of administrative operations related to it, including monitoring and the provision of user information, aiming still preparation of statistical studies, promotional activities and direct marketing by Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd.


    6. Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd guarantees the security and confidentiality of data provided.


    1. These terms and conditions apply during the supply of goods through the website www.Rialbannistore.com.


    2. The preceding paragraph shall not prejudice the possibility of review and or subsequent modification of these conditions.


    3. The invalidity of one or more general conditions do not preclude the application of other or imply the invalidity of the concluded deal.


    1. The computerized records, kept in the Ricardo Alexandre Bernardo, Ltd computer systems considered as proof of the contract between the parties and the conditions in which it was concluded.


    2. The file of documents of orders and invoices associated with them will be made in a reliable and durable support.


    1. These terms and conditions are subject to Portuguese law.


    2. Any questions or disputes arising out of these General Conditions or contracts to which they apply or are part, in particular concerning the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, integration, application or fulfilment shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial District Court of Vila Nova de Gaia, with express waiver of any other.

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